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About Us

Collective Lifestyle is an identity of the collective people who are separated by gender, race, religion, and other limitations. Regardless of backgrounds or barriers, we strive to move forward as a whole to express one collective lifestyle. Although we are individuals with unique lives, we come together to promote unity through our shared common interests, while still encouraging individualism. We continue to make an effort to bring a positive change in the world. We live in the present, for the future, everywhere.

We strive to make a positive change in the world through our online blogs and brick & mortar flagship store based in Los Angeles. Founded in 2014, our core team is based in the San Fernando Valley of Los Angeles, but we have an amazing team of over 100+ contributors nationwide. Our contributors aim to provide you with positive content that promotes positive change or just helps you develop who you are through your own individual interests. 

Our online store will be selling carefully curated items that we feel would serve the Collective Lifestyle that we're promoting. It will range from fashion, music, art, gadgets, and more! Supporting our online store helps give us the ability to continue working on our mission on changing the world in a positive way.


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